Contents Page


1. The Pillars of Islam

2. The Pillars of Iman

3. The Meaning of Laa Ilaaha Illallah

4. Signs of Baligh (Puberty)

5. Cleansing Using Stones

6. Fardhu (Obligations) in Wudhu (Ablution)

7. Defination of  Niat (Intention) &  Tertib (Orderliness)

8. Water

9. Things that Makes Ghusl (Bathing) Obligatory

10. Conditions of Wudhu (Ablution)

11. Nullification of Wudhu

12. Outcome For Those Who Nullify Their Wudhu

13. Restrictions For Those are Junub (Ritually Impure)

14. Restrictions For Women with Haid (Menses)

15. Causes For Tayammum (‘Ablution’ using Dirt)

16. Conditions For Tayammum

17. Obligations of Tayammum

18. Nullification of Tayammum

19. Things that are Originally Najis (Unclean) becoming Pure

20. Types of Najis

21. Time of Menses

22. Pure Between 2 Menses

23. Time of Nifas (Childbed)

24. Senescence in Salat (Prayer)

25. Conditions for Salat

26. Hadas (Ritual Impurity)

27. Aurat (Genitalia/Shameful parts of the body)

28. Pillars of Salat

29. Levels of Niat

30. Conditions for Takbiratul Ihram (“Proclaimation of ‘Allahu Akbar’ During The Start of Prayer”)

31. Conditions for Fatihah (The Opening Surah during Prayer)

32. Tasydid ([sign of] emphasis) in Fatihah

33. Stages which are Sunnah (Recommended) to Raise Both Hands [In Salat]

34. Conditions for Sujud (Prostration)

35. Parts of the Body During Sujud

36. Tasydid in Tahiyat (Utterance of Reverence in Salat) / Tasyahud (Witness-Bearing)

37. Tasydid in Salawat (Salutations [to the Prophet])

38. Salam (Proclaimation of Peace [to end the prayer])

39. Salat Times

40. Coloured Hues in the Sky

41. Time which is Haram (Forbidden) for Salat

42. Quitness [in Salat] which is Sunnah

43. Pillars That Needs to be Fulfilled During Tumakninah (Repose / Stillness [in Salat])

44. Causes for Sujud Sahwi (Prostration for Mistakes Made During Salat)

45. Sunnah Ab’ad (Main Sunnah) in Salat

46. Nullification of Salat

47. Salat Which Obliges The Niat As An Imam

48. Conditions to be a Makmum (Those who Follow Behind an Imam)

49. Validity & Nullification of Jemaah (Group) Prayer

50. Conditions of Jamak Taqdim (Joining 2 Prayers to a Single Earlier-Timed Prayer)

51. Conditions of Jamak Ta’khir (Joining 2 Prayers to a Single Later-Timed Prayer)

52. Conditions of Qasar (Shortening of Prayer)

53. Conditions of Salat Jumaat (Friday Prayers)

54. Pillars of The 2 Khutbahs (during Friday Prayer Sermon)

55. Conditions of The 2 Khutbahs

56. The Way to Manage A Passed Muslim


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